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for a course of six treatments of hair removal (ladies) - Full leg and bikini plus underarm or (men) full front chest, back and shoulders.

ipl hair removal

hair free mans chest
IPL (intense pulse light) Lynton is a non-invasive light therapy used to permanently remove hair for both men and women. IPL is safe and virtually pain-free, with many clients just reporting a feeling of heat. IPL can be used to remove hair from large areas in single sessions so can be quicker and more cost effective than other hair removal methods.

  • Effective, permanent hair reduction
  • Treats in-growing hairs
  • Virtually painless
  • IPL is safe
  • IPL provides faster treatment, hair removed from large areas in a single session
  • Proven clinical results
  • Simultaneous destruction of hundreds of hair follicles



Before and after pictures for IPL hair removal:

IPL treated upper lip:

upper lip hair removal

IPL treated chin:

chin hair removal

IPL treated man's chest:

mans chest hair removal



bikini line and underarm hair removal

IPL can be used to remove unwanted hair from all over the body and is also effective as a treatment for problem in-growing hairs. IPL can be used to treat areas including the centre brow, eye brows, forehead, ears, nose, chin, back of ears, upper lip, upper cheeks, jaw line, sideburns, full beard, full face, back of neck, chest, front of neck, underarms, arms, shoulders, nipples, stomach, back, buttocks, legs, bikini line, bikini (Hollywood, Brazilian), hands or feet.





Is IPL the hair removal treatment for you?

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